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H - Alphabetical Listing of Selected Important Terms and Concepts in Sustainable Development

“The places and combination of resources that wildlife need to survive and thrive. All creatures need food, water, shelter and space but each species will have its own specific habitat requirements. The amount and the quality of habitat both affect the health of wildlife populations.”

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Human Settlements
“Integrative concept that comprises (a) physical components of shelter and infrastructure and (b) services to which the physical elements provide support, that is to say, community services such as education, health, culture, welfare, recreation and nutrition. “

(2008). Environmental Terminology Discovery Service - Human Settlements [online]. European Environment Agency. Available from: http://glossary.eea.europa.eu/EEAGlossary/H/human_settlements [Re-accessed: 07 March 2008].


UN-HABITAT´s 1976 Vancouver Declaration on Human Settlements states that:
“... the condition of human settlements largely determines the quality of life, the improvement of which is a prerequisite for the full satisfaction of basic needs, such as employment, housing, health services, education and recreation.”

(1976). The Vancouver Declaration on Human Settlements [online]. UN HABITAT: UN Human Settlements Programme. Available from: http://habitat.igc.org/vancouver/van-decl.htm [Re-accessed: 07 March 2008].